It was always you Raaja

Currently listening to Philip Glass..

It was always you Helen...

Phenomenal improvisation. spontaneously flowing.. (and well played too.. Source: You tube video by: Widiar)

What we guys down south here in India, don't realize is a peer of this caliber among us, right at our backyard... In my view, Conceptualizing such a harmonic melody with seamless arpeggios is been staple diet of Raaja for decades..

For instance, listen to that famous BGMs of Mouna Ragam (the last 27 seconds):

or that of Johny
Idhayathai Thirudadhae
Punnagai Mannan
(Poor quality of the tracks regretted !! )

or .. Should I talk about his songs of same type.. Oh! Butterfly, Kaathal oviyam, En Vaanile, Pootukkal Pottalum, Devanin Kovil.. I can go on and on...

Instead of raving any further, With due thanks to the guys who have uploaded the You tube clips, I leave you alone with these Contemporary Maestros..

With Love

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