Discover Chithra

She announced her arrival in to the Tamil Film Music with a century on debut ("Chinna Kuyil Paadum Paattu").. And then "Paadariyane" fetched her the national award.. There after "Edhedo Ennam Valarthane" found an irreplaceable place in many a hearts.. Later "Ninnukkori Varnam" + Chithra (+ Amala :-P !!) took everyone by Storm.. "Kuzhaloodhum Kannanukku" established her as a 'Jana Ranjaka' singer.. "Devanin Kovil" became a bench mark song for orchestras all over TN thanks to her (and ofcourse Maestro's chorus) even though the song was not otherwise much visible.. "Aathadi Ammadi" presented a different dimension of this great singer..

The problem with such overpowering songs is that, people are arrested at that level and usually the other songs of quality doesn't stand a chance.. Therefore I have this "Discover series", A theme which is recurring in my iPod playlist for all mainstream singers. Chances that these songs captivated you are unlikely unless you are a regular Raaja follower. [Infact all the songs that I specified in the first paragraph are part of my another theme collection namely 'Signature' series for all singers. But its no use blogging about them as those are the routine 'Hit' songs which define a singer's career from the general public's point of view].

The following songs are not necessarily 'unheard'. But of those category that you could vaguely remember them but couldn't recall beyond the first 2 lines of pallavi while the song deserved much more than that from you.. In short, These songs are neither common nor rare. So here I start with some superb songs of Chinna Kuyil Chitra that are usually shown the cold shoulders

1. Vaanam Thodadha Megam - Chinnappa Das

2. Pazhya Kanavai Thedi - Thayamma

3. Oru Pachai Kodi - Mannan (or is it Innisai Mazhai ..?)

4. Ullasa Poongaatre - Kolangal (This song is also found in another playlist of mine called 'Lounge Music' which would be blogged later)

5. Oru Raaja Vandharam - Mounam Sammadham

6. Then Madurai Seemaiyile - Thangamana Raasa

7. Uchimalai Megangal - Vellaya Thevan

8. En Raaja Yaaro - Paarthal Pasu

9. Unnai Naane - Chinna Kuyil Paatu (This song is a best kept secret. Another of those Raaja's experiments where he conceals some notes in a scale deliberately to totally bring about another Raaga's bhavam. This song deserves an exclusive post.. may be later..)

10. Kaalai Nera Raagame - Raasave Unnai Nambi (Absolutely brilliant rendition..)

11. Maalai Soodum - Pudhiya Raagam.

12. Then Podigai Kaatre - Poomani

13. Pattu Poo Poo - Veera (Aerobics in Chala Naattai ..?? !! Tone of Chithra during "Paarkkum Paarvaigal" in Charanam is like a square lead.. flabbergasting.. )

I would like to single out 2 songs that should have made the above list but didn't. Because they are quite some high quality songs and somehow I feel they should have been in the 'overpowering' league and not in this list .. And they are:

Vaanam paadi - Sir I Love you (One the very best Shanmuga Priyas of Raaja And Chitra is simply at her best in this one)

Santhosham Idhu - Manidhanin Marupakkam (This song has that magical gift of making you cheerful anytime of the day...)

To round up, there are also songs such as "Kotti Kidakkudhu" ('Theertha karaiyinile', which I am sure she sang with a sore throat). And then there are not so popular Chithra numbers in the classical genre as well.. Such as "Manam Pola" ('Pudhupatti Ponnuthayee', which I also mentioned in my Pannaiya Bagavadhar post..) and "ArulKan Paarvai" from Aanazhagan..

Think about Western Classical and there is Sound of music-ish "Mazhalai Endrum Maradha" (Sethupathi IPS).. How much more such wasted worthies.. !!?? Sigh..

With Love