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Recently I read about Yours Musically's Journey with Illayaraja.. Then it occurred to me that there are so many of us out there who all have our own "Raaja Secrets" which our friends and well wishers may not know about but no harm if you let them know.. A way of paying a small collective tribute to our beloved Raaja..

So why don't we play the Blog-Tag game, A concept which is by now age old in the blogosphere. If you are new to tagging, this is nothing but a cheeky game of making a blog post of 5 things about a topic (in this case Raaja) that others may not necessarily know about you and then tag 5 other bloggers to it. So these 5 will share their experience and tag another 5 each and so (Of course on a absolute voluntary basis).. Think of MMM except that you don't have to buy or sell anything :-PP

Ready ..?

Here I start:

The 5 things of me and Raaja that You May Not Know About
(Please be as spontaneous as possible.. don't think too much..!! :-)

1.) The moment that introduced you to Raaja.. (I know it could be difficult to pin point a moment.. So treat this question as the Very first Raaja Experience in your Life that you are able to recall... For Example: The very first song of Raaja that you remember.. The very first movie that introduced you to Raaja and so on..)

There are a bunch of about 4 - 5 songs or so from various movies that I still remember watching in the theater with my parents as a very small kid (as a UKG to 2nd std or so). These songs got implanted in mind for some reason and I can't remember which one of them is the first one. Pani Vizhum Malarvanam, Ilaya Nila Pozhigiradhu, Naanaga Naan illai Thaaye, Raaja Magal .. I wasn't humming these songs as a child.. But the visuals and the Audio of these song are as if its tattooed in my mind, that whenever I see/ hear this songs in retrospect I feel a vague sense of Dejavu... I recollect my 1st std.. my school .. the house that I lived at that time.. etc., So the association is deep enough to bring back those very nascent memories as a 6 year old that I had.. Thats the first impact of Raaja's music on me.

2.) Name one occassion where Raaja's music directly/ indirectly influenced your life.

As a 7th std boy, I heard the track "Mozart I Love you" from NBW for the first time. Then I walked up to my mom and said, "Amma.. I want to learn Violin"

3.) Lets take Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi into account. Assuming that one of this is either your mother tongue or native language, name a favorite song in each of the other 4 languages that immediately comes to your mind

My native language is Tamil. So here I name 4 songs that immediately comes to my mind from the rest 4.

Telugu - Edalo Laya (Anveshana)
Malayalam - Kulir Aadunnu (Olangal)
Kannada - Keli Sade (Gulabi)
Hindi - Dilwale (Mahadev)

4.) One song of Ilaiyaraaja that you consider rare and think a song that many people should have known but don't

Ponnumthingal (Anuraaga Kottaram)

5.) Lets keep the last one simple.. Raaja's number that you are hearing right now/ most recently heard..?

Manasa Sirasa (Mantrigari Viyankudu)

I am tagging CSR, Suresh, Kamal Aakrash, Ramesh and Kamalnath

Of course, this is also an open invitation for one and all who would like to log their experiences with Raaja. Please feel free to take these questions and add to your own blog. If you do not have a blog, you are very welcome to log your experiences in the comments section below..

So lets set the ball rolling...

With Love

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