Ringtones of Raaja

I am having a Nokia 3500c; And the ring tone I have is that of the defauly Nokia tune..That descending Sankarabharanam bit.. Whenever I am in a public place, I keep checking my phone for incoming calls every 2 minutes only to find out its not my phone but someone else' in my surrounding. Few days back suddenly I heard my phone ringing and much to my annoyance, it was a phone ringing in the soap being played in the TV. Then I had it.. Enough is enough. All these days, its one of those stupidities that given all the resources and tools, still you don't do the small things in life... Finally I shrugged off my laziness off and sat down to clip some captive tracks of Raaja for my ring tone. I came with these 6 tracks after a first sitting.. I thought of some categories while cutting the tunes.. One typical ringtone, One for outdoor, One for calm settings etc..

(Click on the track name to download)

1. Aadum Neram - Ideal ringtone. starts of slowly and picks up momentum if you are still out of reach.

2. Hey Unnaithaane - Let me borrow Sivaji here "Chumma Adhirudhilla...". This one is a good choice for outdoors.. But remember to switch it back in indoors...

3. Pudhucheri - I guess this one sounds like a typical mobile phone track.. I guess you can call it as, "Marching Mix" or something like that and it wouldn't look out of place in the standard phone pack..??

4. All the Time - This one is too mild I guess.. May be for indoor settings.. Let me know if its usable..

5. Oru Kili - I guess the Opening Flute overlaps makes it a catchy tune that gently distrubs you...

6. Kaatu vazhi - An ideal ring tone with a great Raaja Punch to it.

I have tested all of them in my phone.. (Don't use Nokia media manager or something.. Do a simple file copy to your mobile and set it as the ring tone...) and its Rocking !! My current favorite is Aadum Neram.. What would be yours...?

With Love