Blog Template V2

Its been a while since I made the Raaja Template - Version 1.0 (!!) of this blog.

In the meantime, I've had some consistent feedback on improvements possible on its usability. So finally I tried to address these issues...

1.) Earlier, A portion of the text used to get drowned behind Maestro's picture. I have moved the image to the right. I hope the text is unhindered and is more legible now.
Thanks Ramesh, For helping me with a modified background of reduced opacity.

OK.. Now at the face of it (pun intended !!) that may seem the only change.. But thats not all..

2.) I also did some rudimentary java scripting and introduced a custom "Archives Menu" to enable better navigation within this Blog. Due credits to: Kang Rohman's adoption and Geir Landrö's original.

PS: Please let me know if the menu works without any issue (as I would imagine that browser compatibility and their security settings might still pose some problems..)

3.) I have added a "Reader Recommended" section in the archive menu with the posts that have received maximum feedback so far through personal emails as well as comments in the blog.

Happy Reading !!

With Love