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The most obvious connection between Sharjah and Cochin are the Malayalis. Not so obvious but yet an interesting knot that ties both of them is, Sachin Tendulkar. Almost 11 years to date in Sharjah, He made the sand storm that interrupted a match look less vigorous. It was lost but not before he ensured that its India and not New Zealand that qualified to the finals of Coco-Cola Cup, a trophy India would eventually win, thanks to a yet another stormy display from the same bat.

On another occasion at Cochin, you wouldn't take the figures of 5 for 32, especially if the bowler in question is not a regular.. Your suspicion is understandable.. That match was played on a Fool's day.. However, Tendulkar was named man of the match that day for rolling his arms over ...

Now, I don't want to sound like Navjot Sidhu by calling Tendulkar as Cricket's SPB or SPB as South Indian Playback singing's Tendulkar.. The fact remains that, lots of such enriching, challenging and not-to-be-missed performances are.. well, always most-certainly-missed.

While the 80s of SPB are like the Sharjah performances, the 90s still had enough fizz to rattle the new comers.. For example, one of my most frequented playlists is titled as "SPB Refresher"; They are not the 'Mike Mohan' set of Solos that by and large remain close with the listeners. Nonetheless they are beauties and were quite popular when the movies released.. but slowly faded from memory.. That one goes like:
- Velli Nilave (Nandhavana Theru)
- Poongodidhaan Poothadhamma (Idhayam)
- Keladi En paavaye (Gopura Vasalile)
- Paattu esa paattu (Senthamizh Selvan)
- Enna vendru Solvadhamma (Rajakumaran)
- Chinna Chinna Thooral (Senthamizh Paatu)
- Vana kuyile (Priyanka)
- Thulli Thirindhadhoru (Endrum Anbudan)
- Ila Venil Idhu Vaigaasi (Kaadhal Rojave)
- Hello Guru Premakosam (Nirnayam)
- Vanamellam Shenbaga Poo (Naadodi Paatukkaran)
- Thanga Nilavukkul (Rickshaw Mama)
- Kola Kiliye (Kaakkai Chiraginile)
- Ada Va vaa Raaja (Paatu Paadava)
- Aatamma Paatamma (Nadigan)

This post is not about the above list or songs as popular as them. But Its on a second play list of 90s SPB solos that's named as "Discover SPB".. These are ones like like the Cochin performances... not to be missed. As I mentioned earlier, I have such a 'Discover' series for all prominent singers of Raaja and this is the second in line. But this time I wanted to enhance your reading experience with audio so that you may be introduced to this songs if its your first time.

All these songs are very lightly arranged songs with utmost thrust on vocals. Therefore the onus is on SPB to carry it forward.;

The list goes as:
1. Thene Senthene - those workmanship at the words "Poovee..." ! Thats still the same 70s SPB of 'Kamban emandhaan';
2. Unnai Paadadha Naavum - Always there is a surprise in life.. I didn't notice this song until recently..
3. Kuyile Ilamaanguyile - No proof is needed that this is a tune composed by MSV and arranged by Raaja
4. Chinna Thambi - What vocal parts.. !!
5. Thangakili Tholil - Jam.. With gliss and rolls, thats the word that comes to mind..! (Its the quintessential Tabla in the stanza though)
6. Kinnaram Kinnaram - A song personally close to me.. I still vividly remember this was one of the most sought after song in the Regional Radio's 'Neyar Viruppam' (listener's choice) program
7. Paadi Thirindha Endhaan - The Simmendhra Madhyamam of this song evokes a feel similar to Janaki's Keeravani in 'Kaatril endhan'; But are they treated similar ..!!?
8. Le Le Baba - I think Raaja composed this one when he was still on the Mathyamavathi hangover from 'Vanamellam Shenbagapoo'. No reason to complain though..
9. Nalla Kaarampasu - Similar to 'Adi Komadha', 'Saami Kodutha varam' etc except for the captivating guitar/ flute of 1st BGM; Such guitar for native numbers is unique in Raaja's folk echelon.
10. Chinnanjiru - A Gazhal-ish beauty (from Vocal and not lyrical perspective); The voice is really dancing when he is singing 'Aadudhu'.
11. Annan Ivan Kannan illa - Like Chinna Thambi in the list, This is another 'Wow' song as far as harmony arrangement is concerned.
12. Dhinam Vidindhadhum - One of the few songs where you can find Raaja doing an ARR act or two. Its unfortunate its a short song.
13. Vaigasi Vellikilama - Superb meter.. captivating melody.. well sung..

Finally here is the collage of all these songs - your 10 minute experience of SPB:

Discover SPB

I hope you are able to (re)discover SPB as well..

With Love