The Early Year Singer

Songs by: Raaja - The Singer are very special to me.. because they are lossless conversions of thoughts to music... If you have been following Ilaiyaraaja keenly, you wouldn't miss the fact the frequency of the songs that he sings in his own music has exponentially increased in recent times, bucking the trend in his early years. But that was the time when he was very choosy with his songs, when you could capture the raw, experimenting and yet thoughtfully rich voice ..Publishing here one of my frequented playlist that I call "Early Raaja" which contains Raaja's songs up until initial 80s.

1. Aey Indha Poongaathu Thaalata - Uthiri Pookal (A eight beat version of the Azhagiya Kanne's theme in the 1st BGM is superb)

2. Dharisanam Kidaikadha - Alaigal Ooivadhillai (One of the first song that Raaja sang for Karthik, a trend that he continued for a longtime since..)

3. Sangathil Paadadha - Auto Raaja (Thanks to a crystal clear version of this song that I recently possessed, I am having a great time. Also one of a rare occassion where you can listen to Raaja's rendering of the lyrics besides singing)

4. Metti Oli - Metti (I still remember the impact the song had in me the first time I listened.. Full of soul...)

5. Ennapaatu Paada - Sakkalathi (With the Cow bell's rhythmic movement as the metronome, this is a precursor to all future Thala games of complex rhythm oriented songs. I hope to revisit this song in the blog sometime later)

6. Siru Ponmani - Kallukkul Eeram (This is a high quality song from Raaja.. His composing intellect is exposed by a continuous rhythmic melody connecting each lines as if they never break.. )

7. Sevvarali Thottathile - Bagavathypuram Railway Gate (A sophisticated folk tune. A good duet this one..)

8. Pazhaya Sogangal - Eeravizhi Kaaviyangal (Its a pity that its a short song.. What a prelude...!! Best example of Contrapuntal melody!!??)

9. Chinna Ponnu Sela - Malayur Mambattiyan (A song similar to 'Pon maane Sogam Eno' [oru Kaithiyn diary] in tune and situation. Yet see the striking difference in
execution.. this one is folk and the other modern...)

10. Anbu Mugam - Rusi Kanda Poonai (the pallavi makes his mark as a singer in you, with the feel easily expressed in the voice; Application of Strings [particularly Cello] followed by Guitar in the 2nd BGM is brilliant.)

11. Naanaga Naan illai - Thoongadhae thambi thoongadhae (If you didn't know about the Raaja Version of the song, you missed something)

12. Engaanam Indru - Eeravizhi Kaaviyangal (again.. Vaporization of such high quality songs into thin air due to the movie that at least I didn't hear about, is, unacceptable)

13. Janani Janani - Thaai Moogambigai (The movie and its time line marked a defining shift in Raaja's personality as he became deeply spiritual around this time. The song is so powerful that I keep it the last song in the playlist so as to leave its effects to linger around untouched by anything thereafter....)

With Love