The world is yours

Certain themes strike a stronger chord with Maestro. Mother sentiment, devotional and philosophical songs to name a few. Its not that he gives any less of an output for other situations. But he is certainly able to connect more personally with some of these special themes and that comes out very strongly in such songs.

This song, though very plainly worded is deeply philosophical on one dimension.

On the other dimension of music, it has equal depth. The song starts off scale. i.e., Original scale is Am, but the "veettukku kadhavirukku part starts in G and then beautifully converges onto Am.

The slap bass arrangement in the pallavi is another area that only he can manage. Its timing and extempore nature takes very sharp musicians to execute, a trove that he has in abundance.

The staccato keyboard piece in the first interlude is not everyone's cup of tea.

Deft handling of both nishadham between the interludes and charanam

But the icing on the cake is the switch to Charukesi midway of charanam. This is the zen moment of the song :-)

A rustic song needn't be any less loaded than a classically arranged one and here is the example.

With Love