Life can be defined biologically by those who understand its science. We call them the Doctors.

It can be (self) realized by those who walk the path. We call them the Philosophers.

But it can be expressed only as an art by those who interpret it. We call them Artists.

The movie Geetanjali is all about the concept of life and it is difficult to imagine this movie without Raaja's interpretation of Life through music.

First comes the intro song where the hero is playing life hard as if there is no tomorrow. Then comes the title sequence where that happens to be true. As the music unfolds, you realize its a different interpretation of the same melodic theme. Here is an artist of true class, expressing absolute worth of a human life in its good times and its struggle for existence.

Former, where Life is celebrated intensely with Sindhu Bhairavi
Latter, where Life is hanging on the strands of Sindhu Bhairavi..

With Love