Raaja's Jazz Waltz

A recent article I wrote/ recorded is published in Solvanam. You can read it here.

Videos I made for this article are here:

I linked about 17 odd songs of Raaja in the article.. A sample of what I attempted to say is here:

Couple of my personal jazz waltz favorites which I also linked in the article is given below for your listening/ learning experience.

Coltrane the King:

Composer who dreamed of massive orchestration in films and executed them with panache..
The great Burt Bacharach:

(Don't miss his Raindrops keep falling from the same movie. It can lift you regardless of how gloomy a day you may have had)

Showman thy name is Sammy Davis Jr:

I first time I heard this song was on a local French radio while driving along coastal route with the early morning son beating down the lovely pink granite rocks of a postcard village called Perros-Guirec. A new place with arresting scenery that I am seeing for the first time resonating with the lyrics of a new song I was listening for the first time - "Golden Brown , texture like sun" .. Its a moment that will stay with me forever..

Sunday Driver of relatively unknown Limp Twins fare high in my list too..

As usual, my apologies for non-tamil friends. I made it a point to recorded the video in English so that you can appreciate this as well. I promise that you can expect the English version of the post soon..

With Love

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