Down With Y!

My first blogging experience was way back in 2002. Google was just 4 years old then and was an young and upcoming rookie.. The idea of blogging was rather alien to even many net savvy users.

Tripod and Geocities were two very popular free web page hosting services then. They offered users a non-existent sense of achievement by providing a platform where one could 'host' one's own web site (while in reality they were nothing more than a rudimentary html editors where one can type and publish - Which in turn generated web pages where what you typed can be found somewhere in between all the advertisements which you had no control to remove.)

I also jumped the bandwagon then. I used to maintain few web pages on '' about Maestro Ilaiyaraaja. My first web site !!

That website was called as "How To Name It" - based on my all time favorite of Raaja's works. As a true predecessor to this blog, It was about Raaja brand of Fusion and Orchestration. It was established on 2002; Between 02 and 03 I wrote a few articles in them. Many of my Raaja's name-de-guerre such as "Boss of Bass" which have since become part of regular lexicon of Raaja fans, were invented during that time frame.

Yahoo recently discontinued the Geocities service and hence that website is not available any more. (Now, seriously what sense does that make in the era of freebies all over the internet. No wonder their share prices keep going down :-P !!)

Since I don't want to loose those articles, As a stopgap arrangement I am placing them at the Google Sites. Soon I hope to revamp these articles with audio clips so that it gives a better reading experience to the visitors and post it in this blog.

With Love